Tranexamic acid in trauma care

Tranexamic acid saves lives in trauma patients, by reducing the needs for transfusion.  So it should prevent HIV infections. According to Professor Ian Roberts and his team, tranexamic acid is also more cost-effective than antiretrovirals .  Yet it is not widely used in most countries.

What steps are needed to introduce a cheap, generic drug into routine health care in resource limited settings?

On 21st October, Science now had a discussion on Tranexamic acid in trauma care which dealt with the use of this generic drug to prevent bleeding, thus avoiding HIV acquisition risk via blood transfusion. 

The discussants were:

  • Ian Roberts, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • Etienne Krug, Violence and Injury Prevention and Disability, WHO
  • Krisantha Weerasuriya, Essential Medicines and Health Products, WHO

The discussion was moderated by Peter Godfrey-Faussett from UNAIDS.