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Welcome to UNAIDS Science now and to the first issue of HIV this month in 2016!

We draw your attention to two important studies in this issue:  Sustainable HIV treatment in Africa through viral-load-informed differentiated care by Andrew Philips et al. in Nature and On-demand preexposure prophylaxis in men at high risk for HIV-1 infection by Jean-Michel Molina et al. in the New England Journal of Medicine. The former uses mathematical modelling to synthesize evidence and evaluate the cost-effectiveness of viral-load-informed differentiated care, accounting for limitations of dried blood sample testing. Results from the ANRS-funded IPERGAY trial that showed preexposure prophylaxis protected gay men and other men who have sex with men against HIV are presented in the latter. If you recall, some three years ago, UNAIDS Science Now hosted its first discussion Placebos and PrEP: Challenges in HIV Research where the main author shared his perspectives on the ongoing IPERGAY trial.

The role of progestins in HIV acquisition in young women, a comment by Gita Ramjee and Sheena McCormack in The Lancet tackles the topic in light of Elizabeth Byrne and colleagues’  report on the biological mechanism by which injectable progestin-only contraceptives  or endogenous progesterone might act to increase the risk of HIV acquisition in women (also featured in this issue).

Enjoy reading!

Peter Godfrey-Faussett and Celeste Sandoval

HIV This Month - January 2016

HIV this month. Issue no. 1. January 2016

Welcome to HIV this month!  In this issue, we cover the following topics:

Reduce sexual transmission

Prevent HIV among drug users

Eliminate new HIV infections among children

15 million accessing treatment

Avoid TB deaths

Close the resource gap

Eliminate gender inequalities

Eliminate stigma and discrimination

To find out how you can access a majority of scientific journals free of charge, check the UNAIDS Science now website by clicking here. If you would like to subscribe to HIV this month issues, click here.  Please let us know what your interests are and what you think of HIV this month by sending us an email here. If you would like to recommend an article for inclusion, please contact us. Remember, a wealth of information on the HIV epidemic and responses to it are accessible at

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