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Welcome to UNAIDS Science now and to the fourth issue of HIV this month in 2016!

Early in April, UNAIDS announced lower price tag on investments needed to Fast-Track ending the AIDS epidemic and launched a new reference document entitled Fast-Track—update on investments needed in the AIDS response which explains improvements to the investment model with critical new inputs from the revised 2015 World Health Organization guidelines on HIV treatment.

A comment, Re-thinking HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis prevention strategy in The Lancet HIV by Jesne Kistan and David Serwadda looks at the daily realities of young women in South Africa and how PrEP as it is available now might not work, and highlights the need for context.

Rajeev Gautam and colleagues published A single injection of anti-HIV-1 antibodies protects against repeated SHIV challenges in Nature, which reports that a single infusion of antibodies can protect monkeys from infection with a virus that is similar to HIV for nearly six months. Antibody infusions provide long-term defence against HIV-like infection, a related news story in the same journal, talks about the study.

Earlier this month, Xiangjin Kang and colleagues published Introducing precise genetic modifications into human 3PN embryos by CRISPR/Cas-mediated genome editing in the Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics. A story related to this study which reports gene editing in human embryos to introduce HIV-resistance mutations is also carried in Nature.

In line with a comment that in the end calls for close coordination between HIV and TB systems in The Lancet, Why are people living with HIV still dying of tuberculosis? by Peter Godfrey-Faussett and Helen Ayles, this issue features a couple of articles concerning deaths and treatment of people with HIV-associated TB.


Peter Godfrey-Faussett and Celeste Sandoval

HIV This Month - April 2016

HIV this month. Issue no. 4. April 2016

Welcome to HIV this month!  In this issue, we cover the following topics:

HIV testing and treatment

Elimination of childhood infections

Combination prevention

Key populations

Elimination of gender inequalities


Health systems and services

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